Barnaby Dobson

Barnaby Dobson

Imperial College London

I am a research associate on the CAMELLIA project (, primarily as a water resource system modeller. My role will involve both creating models of Thames Water’s various urban water systems and integrating their existing models. A key focus of our approach is the interaction between physical and social systems. By capturing the feedback between systems that are not usually coupled, we hope that our analysis will reveal unintended consequences and benefits that arise from long and short-term decisions.

Research Themes

  • Water resources modelling. I have a wide range of experience in modelling water supply systems. I hope to transfer these skills towards modelling not just supply but wastewater, water quality and flooding.

  • Uncertainty and systems analysis. A key focus of my PhD was in quantifying the uncertainty in a water resource system model that arises due to the model boundaries. The boundary between social and physical systems is probably one of the most important model boundaries yet among the least studied.

  • Optimisation. I have always been interested in optimisation and developed a broad understanding of optimisation in the context of the control of water systems. I believe optimisation is critical to both modelling complex systems and in making the models more useful applications.