Elco Koks

Elco Koks

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Elco Koks has been employed at the Institute of Environmental Studies (IVM) since February 2012. He is currently Assistant Professor within the Water and Climate Risk group, where his research focuses on flood risk, disaster impact modelling, critical infrastructure and extreme weather.

Over the past years he has worked on several projects related to disaster impact modelling, climate change and economics in the context of national (ITRC-MISTRAL (UK), Knowledge for Climate in (NL)) and EU research projects (WISC, ENHANCE and TURAS). Besides, he has worked on climate adaptation programs in the port of Rotterdam (Waterveiligheid Botlek) and Amsterdam (Waterbestendig Westpoort).

One of his specialties is the modelling of the economy-wide consequences of disasters on both a regional and interregional level, focusing on industrial impacts and infrastructure systems. One of the key elements in his research is to integrate natural disaster models with macroeconomic impact models. He has developed various disaster impact models myself, of which several are publicly available through GitHub (https://github.com/ElcoK).