Jasper Verschuur

Jasper Verschuur

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Environmental Change institute

Jasper holds a BSc and MSc, both with distinction, in Civil Engineering from Delft University of Technology with a specialisation in river and coastal engineering. He did part of his MSc in Singapore (National University of Singapore) as an exchange student. He further holds a MSc with distinction in Water Science, Policy and Management from the University of Oxford and a DPhil also from Oxford. Jasper’s doctoral research, funded by the EPSRC, focused on the vulnerability and resilience of global port infrastructure and dependent supply-chains to natural disasters.

His research seeks to understand how economies and global supply-chains are dependent on ports and has resulted in the development of a methodological framework to quantify the potential macro-economic losses of port disruptions due to the extreme weather events or natural disasters. His work aims to evaluate how ports, governments and businesses can adapt to the increasing risk of supply-chain disruptions in order to help strengthen the business case for making investments in improving supply-chain resilience.