Mohammad Mortazavi-Naeini

Mohammad Mortazavi-Naeini

Honorary Research Associate

My research is focused on applying optimization methods in water resources management. My main interest is to address uncertainty and deep uncertainty associated with climate change and demand growth factors in water resources planning, especially during low-flow events and droughts. Developing drought management plans and also risk-based analysis of water planning are my other research interests.

Before arriving at Oxford, I was working at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia, as a post-doc fellow. My research aim was to use real options analysis to address planning uncertainty in the commodity sector. I also applied multi-objective optimization to address climate change uncertainty in urban water planning in a research project at University of Newcastle, Australia, granted by National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) in Australia.

I earned my PhD at University of Newcastle, Australia and received my master’s degree at Kh.N.Toosi University of Technology in Iran. The main focus of my PhD was the application of multi-objective optimization in urban water management for long-term and staged planning. I am currently conjoint fellow of University of Newcastle.

I am a post-doc researcher for the MaRIUS project. Currently, my main aim is to develop water system models for the Thames basin and on a national scale. The long-term goals are to assess vulnerability of different users to drought events either in a catchment or on a national scale. The next step is to implement multi-objective optimization to sort through all possible solutions and their combinations for drought mitigation and to present trade-offs between desired objectives.