We are developing teaching materials to enable people to develop a rigorous understanding of infrastructure systems and climate risk analysis, and to apply the software tools and datasets that we have developed.

CCG101: Infrastructure for sustainable development

Contextualises infrastructure systems within key global agendas, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, and describes approaches for setting national visions and targets and how those may be achieved with particular strategies.

CCG102: Infrastructure for climate resilience

Examines the nature of current and future climate risks to infrastructure systems and services and how these can be modelled and assessed, and concludes with providing different approaches of how to make decisions for infrastructure resilience in the face of climate and socio-economic uncertainty.

CCG103: Nature-based solutions for sustainable, climate-compatible development

Assesses the opportunities for nature-based solutions to protect, complement or substitute grey infrastructure service delivery in order to underpin global development agendas.