Lena Fuldauer Wins Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

Lena Fuldauer awarded 1st prize in the Allianz Climate Risk Research Award

Congratulations to Lena Fuldauer (ITRC Researcher and PhD student at the Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University) who has won 1st prize in the Allianz Climate Risk Research Awards.

The Allianz Climate Risk Research Award supports scientific research that improves our understanding of climate change-related risks. This year the awards focused on how the consequences of climate change are already evident and how they can be tackled.

Lena’s research develops a novel systems approach that for the first time spatially assesses impacts of hazards across a nation’s entire built and natural assets – including energy, health care or ecosystems – and the ways in which impacts may interact to influence the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Lena says, “I am delighted that my research on assessing the impacts of climate risks on the Sustainable Development Goals won this award.

“Applying this research in a recent adaptation study in Saint Lucia has helped decision-makers better prioritise adaptation in vulnerable areas, added spatial granularity to the island’s National Adaptation Plan, and highlighted the importance of wetlands in protecting the built environment from increasing storm surges and flash floods.

“I am very grateful to Allianz for the opportunity to present my research, and to the fantastic partnership between the University of Oxford’s ECI/ ITRC, UNOPS and the Ministry of Finance in Saint Lucia and all the people who helped make this research happen.”