Professor Hall appears at the House of Lord Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning

Watch the video:

On 17 March, the Select Committee on Risk Assessment and Risk Planning will hear from two panels of witnesses on the UK’s resilience. Topics the Committee will explore include how regulations are kept up to date as new technologies are developed and deployed, the resilience of the UK’s national grid, the challenges in building resilience in areas such as cyber security and the importance of cross-sector collaboration on resilience.

The session aims to address the following questions:

  • What mechanisms are used to ensure resilience and security against cyber threats? How do cyber risks compare with other risks in terms of their profile, likelihood and severity, and how are they addressed?

  • How can the competing requirements of keeping prices of gas and electricity to the consumer down but infrastructure spending and resilience up, be balanced?

  • How are providers required to communicate with both the regulators and customers in the event of a near miss or an emergency?

  • What progress has been made since the UKRN Cross-sector Resilience project which took place in 2015-16?

  • Is resilience a useful concept to use in discussing disaster preparedness and recovery? What else, alongside resilience, should we strive for to ensure the UK is prepared to deal with future emergencies?

  • What individual or economic behaviours would strengthen national resilience against risks?

  • How could Government or society incentiviseresilient behaviours?

  • How well is academic and industry expertise used in the creation of UK policy on risk and resilience?