IMF and University of Oxford launch 'PortWatch' Platform to monitor and simulate trade disruptions

The IMF in collaboration with OPSIS researchers today launched ‘PortWatch’, a new online portal to monitor and simulate trade disruptions due to climate extremes and other shocks.

PortWatch is a collaborative innovation between the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the University of Oxford. The open platform is available to the public as a beta version here.

Using satellite-based vessel data and big data analytics, the platform will help policymakers, analysts, and other public stakeholders assess the impact of disruptions to maritime trade. Users can simulate the potential indirect spillover effects of port disruptions to other countries in the maritime network and global supply chains.

The platform was developed by Dr Jasper Verschuur, OPSIS Research Associate. He said: “Adaptation of ports is urgently needed, and quantified risk analysis can help in prioritising investments and help make the business case to accelerate adaptation finance.”

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